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Neviscope is a medical device that can scan suspicious moles and spots and send them to a board-certified dermatologist, making it possible to detect (potential) skin cancer/melanoma in its early stages.


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Small size

You can take it with you anywhere in a small handbag, helping you to keep yourself safe even when you are far from home

Saving time

Allows you to check multiple nevi online with the help of your doctor in your locality , saving you the time and hassle of traveling and visiting off-site

Diagnosis in 24 hours

Send photos of nevi directly to a dermatologist using a handy app. Simply send your photos to a dermatologist with the help of your family doctor around the corner from your home

iOS and Android app

Whether you’re at work, on vacation, or spending time with your family, you can check the condition of your skin anytime, anywhere! App ideal for online doctor’s office with patient history on one phone

Technical specifications


Model Neviscope NV007
Compatibility Dermatoscope with universal mount, for mounting on any smartphone
Lens 10x-100x
Battery Rechargeable battery
Charging USB-C charger included
Lighting 4 LEDs giving white, cross-polarized light
Diameter of the field of view 30 mm
Height 20,0 mm
Width 80,5 mm
Length 40 mm
Weight ok. 38g
Manufacturer’s warranty 24 months


Dr. n. med. et al. o zdr. Piotr Sobolewski on the topic of screening

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Neviscope for family doctors to screen


Frequently asked questions

Do you have questions? Here are the answers

Yes , you can create as many patients as you want in one place. In addition, an unlimited number of analyses can be created for each patient, with as many images as needed in each analysis.

Your nevus analysis is saved in the app and you can go back to it anytime, importantly you can take new pictures of the same nevus after a few months and compare them with each other whether they have changed color, size , edges !

Within 24 hours our Neviscope system puts you in touch with the best dermatologists without leaving your village , you simply go to your family doctor with a request for a medical history along with photos of nevi , the family doctor sends the case in your presence to the dermatologist , the next day you get a notification from our dermatologist about the examination on the app or on any communicator available on the market like : messenger , whatsApp, email etc.

The analysis includes your health profile through which the doctor knows your skin history and risk of skin cancer. In the analysis there are pictures and video with the exact date , you can return to the analysis after some time and compare the same birthmark whether something has changed .